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Allison Dickson, Sekhmet Press, and the Donum Dei Trilogy!

Michael Williams: First things first: what can you tell us about the new book(s) with Sekhmet Press? Allison Dickson: Jennifer Greene first approached me about the possibility of re-releasing a silly vampire book I’d written and released a number of years ago called Scarlet Letters: The Tale of the Vampire Mailman. Because it had been … Continue reading »

WIP: A Fall in Autumn

Someone suggested I start posting excerpts from what I’m writing at the moment, so I’m throwing this out there. Does it sound to you like a good idea that I post what I just wrote – literally the last few paragraphs of the draft I’m currently drafting – every month or every two weeks or so? Please … Continue reading »

A Devil of a Time

As I write this, I’m home sick from the day job. I’m a little woozy but every time I lie down I start having psychedelic dreams about my day job. Not bad dreams, necessarily, but wicked trippy. So here I am, sitting up instead and being abused by the cat for not being a more accommodating … Continue reading »

A Cover Develops

Attached to this post is the current in-progress draft of the cover for Tooth & Nail, the second Withrow book. It isn’t finished, and the fonts haven’t been chosen, but John Ward, my cover artist, has been working on the faces of Withrow and his insane cousin Roderick. It’s always fun to watch these develop. … Continue reading »

Starting 2013 at a Sprint

December was occupied almost entirely with an extensive rewrite of Tooth & Nail, the sequel to Perishables. I had to make any of a number of changes and expansions and those bumped it up from being ~55,000 words to over 80,000! Yowza! That’s, like, real-novel-length there! (Also, check out the shiny new sharing buttons down … Continue reading »

“Advertising Costs Money. New Stories Make Money.”

The title of this post is a quote from a fantastic blog post/interview/conversation between Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler. Eisler describes having walked away from a half-million dollar contract to self-publish after deciding he could do better on his own than with a traditional publisher acting as his promoter and gatekeeper. In it he points … Continue reading »

They Have My Baby & They Won’t Let Me Edit It (Briefly)

The current issue of The Blotter is out and available in places where it’s normally available! Woohoo! In the meantime, I’ve uploaded Perishables to the Kindle store and am waiting some period of hours (12-48) before it’s really for-real for sale there and I’m tapping my toe impatiently because I already have realized things I … Continue reading »

The Stopwatch Is Your Frienemy

Another major realization while working on editing and formatting this afternoon and rewriting a chunk of Part III last night: a major difference between this and traditional publishing is that in the case of the latter I would eventually have to stop writing and hand this to someone else. That’s a good thing and a … Continue reading »

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