At one point, this page linked to two rough drafts of short stories about zombies. I have since incorporated them and a third story into a novel called Perishables. Perishables won the 2012 Laine Cunningham Novel Award from The Blotter and seems to be well-received by people who read it. You can purchase it in a variety of formats from Smashwords or directly from Amazon (Kindle only). I invite you to check out Perishables and my quest to sell 10 copies of it instead of lingering here.


There's a link there, in the right side bar of that page (not this one!), to the final version of the story which, on this page, generated the most interest.


(You can also find a coupon code for Smashwords there. Just sayin'.)


You probably got here via my blog, but if not, I linked it in case you want to check it out. At the same site I also maintain a photography gallery and the blog of a gaming character.