Summary Report

So, in the end, that was the last session. We destroyed or liberated all of BOB’s forms and killed BOB himself, escaped the glowing goop of unformed godstuff and escaped intact. We took the Fae’rath back to Evermeet to let him be the problem of the High Elves and there he sort of turned into their war leader and dealt with the Drow invasion. We returned Venture to his life doing whatever Venture does.

In the following session we didn’t so much play as discuss: the godstuff infused Na’san and Malthalus so that they merged into one weird being. We and the DM agreed that the Tinker Trading Company would be capable of pulling together enough forces to face Na’san/Malthalus/godstuff and all of its draconic and Ascended forces and that, yes, we would have Mytheria installed as the new god of the dragons.

The downside of that? Chromatics have ruled the roost for too long and Metallics had pretty much gotten used to other gods. Nobody makes the switch, Mytheria is a weak god and the Chromatics start a whole new war with basically everyone.


We saved the day but the TTC may have kind of fucked up the world.

I’m sure we’ll be back there to fix it, though, in time.

We opted, after this, to move on to new characters and in fact reboot the setting entirely. We’re playing 3rd level adventurers as of this update and that’s really, really fun. I play a Tiefling because my characters always have to be freaks. You’d be surprised how useful it is to be able to speak Infernal, though.

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