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Thanks for checking out my books! I’d love for you to try a sample chapter from two of my most popular novels: A Fall in Autumn and Perishables. You can either read the sample on this page, download it to your computer, or read it on your Kindle or other e-reader. Each sample is a PDF, so no problems with compatibility. Just click the links below.

It’s 9172, YE (Year of the Empire), and the future has forgotten its past.

In Autumn, the sole surviving flying City, a washed-up private eye and street hustler navigates a labyrinth of lies to crack one last job.

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Perishables - Book Cover

“When the zombies came, I was at a potluck for my neighborhood association.”

Thus begins the story of a reclusive suburban vampire running into – and sometimes over – rednecks, zombies, technopagans, frustrated geniuses, nosy neighbors, holiday sales, and his one remaining cousin.

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