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Just Like That

With the push of a button, Tooth & Nail is officially published. There’s a lot of “you should have a launch event” out there online but I don’t even get how one has a launch event for an ebook. I’m sure one of the local businesses where I’m a regular would be willing to host … Continue reading »

Exclusivity vs. Openness

With the approaching completion of Tooth & Nail, I face a philosophical quandary: do I drink the Kindle Kool-Aid or do I stick to my idealistic principles? Oh, wait, one thing: here’s the video of my talk to opensource.com’s #cc10 event in December! OK, back to my quandary. If you’re not familiar with the behind-the-scenes … Continue reading »

Tumblr, Editing & Website Revamps.

Revamps. Get it? Ha! I kill me! I read a fantastic idea for free marketing: give one’s characters their own Tumblrs. Roderick – Withrow’s psychopath cousin – would absolutely have a Tumblr of bizarro stuff and Withrow would love Tumblr’s endless stream of classic cars and movie posters. They would of course follow one another. … Continue reading »

Stealth Launch: For Science!

I’ve published a new short story called “Complications”. It was inspired by Machine of Death and I obtained the explicit permission of the editors of that fine volume before making it available. It’s free on Smashwords or 99c on Kindle. Its publication is a quiet experiment and I’m letting you in on the secret as a way to … Continue reading »

Starting 2013 at a Sprint

December was occupied almost entirely with an extensive rewrite of Tooth & Nail, the sequel to Perishables. I had to make any of a number of changes and expansions and those bumped it up from being ~55,000 words to over 80,000! Yowza! That’s, like, real-novel-length there! (Also, check out the shiny new sharing buttons down … Continue reading »

Publishing Plans & Tentative Timetables

The cover artist for Perishables (the awesome John Ward) recently sent me a message noting he hadn’t heard from me in a while and asking what was up. I realized abruptly that my focus on trying to get through the semester and get the next book through a second revision has completely eaten up my … Continue reading »

Midnight Madness

I cannot believe Target is opening on Thanksgiving Day. I wrote a novel featuring a vampire trying to buy a BluRay player at the Black Friday midnight opening of a close analogue to a SuperTarget and, when I did so, I thought the concept of midnight openings so absurd that surely they would be a … Continue reading »

Sequels vs. Grad School: Task Queues of the Damned

Ten years ago I waded into my first National Novel Writing Month with an idea that had been banging around in my head. I came out the other side with something more than 50,000 words and the pleasant surprise of learning I could in fact write a novella all in one go. It took a … Continue reading »

“Advertising Costs Money. New Stories Make Money.”

The title of this post is a quote from a fantastic blog post/interview/conversation between Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler. Eisler describes having walked away from a half-million dollar contract to self-publish after deciding he could do better on his own than with a traditional publisher acting as his promoter and gatekeeper. In it he points … Continue reading »

Everything Takes Time, Not Everything Takes Money

First off, Dragon*Con was a tremendous amount of fun. I got to do some good networking and exchanged cards with some other indie and self-published authors, both ebooks and print. I spent a very pleasant few minutes on Monday afternoon, when things had finally gotten slow, comparing notes on various publishing platforms with a couple … Continue reading »

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