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Perishables (Withrow Chronicles #1): available now!

Tooth & Nail (Withrow Chronicles #2): available now!

Deal with the Devil (Withrow Chronicles #3): available now!

Attempted Immortality (Withrow Chronicles #4): in progress!

Short Stories:

“COMPLICATIONS”: available now!

“The Several Monsters of Sainte-Sara-La-Noire”: ThemeThology: Invasion

“Daddy Used to Drink Too Much”: Wrapped in Red: Thirteen Tales of Vampiric Horror

“His Shrine to Santa Muerte”: Wrapped in Red: Thirteen Tales of Spectres, Ghosts & Spirits

“Stories I Tell to Girls”: Wrapped in White: Thirteen Tales of Witches and the Occult

“Caregiver” (work-in-progress)

“Haunting the City of Angels” (work-in-progress)

“A Shadow Over Appalachia” (work-in-progress)

The Cover of Perishables

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Withrow is a sarcastic vampire at a dinner party with his nosy neighbors. Jennifer is a genius in a dead-end job.

When the dead rise all around them are they more in danger with those they think they know or out in the streets with a zombie around every corner?

“I love that this collection is written with an ear towards reality, and towards storytelling that is honest, hilarious, and snarky–all at the same time.”

“If Chuck Wendig and Douglas Adams ever had a bastard love child, it might write Perishables.”

“If you’re a fan of Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, etc, you’ll probably love this book.”

All versions are DRM-free because I’m not a ninny.

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Easy $2.99 Kindle download or $14.99 paperback:

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The price of immortality is watching your own life end.

Withrow Surrett, the most sarcastic vampire for a country mile, makes an annual Appalachian pilgrimage to keep tabs on nocturnal colleagues and his last living friend from mortal days. What should be a quiet week among familiar faces quickly fills with undead rednecks, folk magic, murder, a rookie detective and Withrow’s own psychotic cousin who insists on trying to help.

As he chases the phantoms of conspiracy and paranoia across moonlit forests, abandoned factories, shadowy back roads and seedy bars – all the quiet little places humans fear to tread – Withrow also struggles with who he wants to be. Can a monster find a place among family and friends?

“What I love best about this author is the realistic, non-iconic nature of his characters. Women that are people not ideals. LGBT characters where their sexuality just is without being an issue. Vampires that are not super-beautiful or super-brilliant, but simply human stock imbued with hunger and enhanced powers.”

“One of my favorite movie genres is film noir — Humphrey Bogart has long been a love of mine. This story had the same 1940s shadowy detective-and-dame-ridden feel; complete with clipped dialogue spoken from the side of the mouth in heavily sarcastic tones that moved the plot along at a steady pace.” 

All versions are DRM-free because I’m not a ninny.


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Withrow Surrett has two big problems: a vigilante and a villain who keep getting in his way as he searches the small Southern city of Durham, North Carolina, for a vampire who shouldn’t be there. Throw in Withrow’s mad cousin Roderick, a coven of technopagans, neighborhood kids who stay up late to watch the bogeyman walk down their street, a quest for revenge, hidden history and an unexpected acquaintance from the past and Withrow’s having a hell of a time as the self-proclaimed boss of all the vampires around.

Withrow finds himself chasing – and chased – down dark alleys, up suburban streets and across ivied campus quads in pursuit of hidden truths and flamboyant foes. Confronting feelings he hasn’t experienced in decades, Withrow is forced to question the life he’s made for himself. They say no man is an island but can a vampire spend forever alone? Is it possible Withrow has even less control over the world around him than he thought?

In Deal with the Devil, Withrow tackles all this with his signature dark humor and readiness to fight.

DRM-free because I’m not a ninny.


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It’s 1982 and Gene works retail in the love game: client services at “Til Death Do Us Part” computerized dating service, a place where clients know how they’re going to die and hope to find someone else before it happens. Like any number of shopping mall jobs of its time, it’s mostly a mix of boredom and politeness punctuated by flashes of genuine empathy. Not anymore. Gene’s days are about to get a lot more interesting.

“Complications” is a short story inspired by the Machine of Death concept created by Ryan North.  The concept is used with permission.

“This is a delightful story. The worst thing about it is that it leaves me wanting more short stories by this author. I would love to see an anthology!”

All versions are DRM-free because I’m not a ninny.


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