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In Which I Declare Victory

As of this morning I’ve sold a total of 21 copies of Perishables. I know that at least (counts fingers) 8 of those are to people I already know but that grey area of happy wiggle room between 10 and 13 is sufficient to declare victory and say that I have reached my primary goal … Continue reading »

Bargain Bin?

One of the most interesting things about putting something out there with a price tag on it is hearing people’s opinions on that price. I went for $2.99 explicitly because that’s the lowest price point at which an author gets Amazon’s best cut of each sale. At the time my pricing research consisted only of … Continue reading »

Now Live on Smashwords!

Live on Smashwords! It’s being reviewed for their “premium” catalog, which comprises the books they distribute to iBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc. Woohoo! In the meantime it can be purchased directly Smashwords in a variety of formats, including Nook- and iBooks-compatible EPUB format. Having done extremely little promotion – I’ve talked it up to two … Continue reading »


A part of Perishables involves a woman who’s talking loudly and distressingly on a cellphone while in line at a SuperTarget analogue called ÜberBargains. Yesterday, while in a SuperTarget, I had to endure someone having a loud and distressing conversation on her cellphone while standing behind me in line; ten minutes later, while accidentally eavesdropping … Continue reading »


Check it out: Perishables is live and available for purchase on the Kindle store! Overnight I got three sales, one of which was to the wife of a friend so it doesn’t count towards my goal of ten sales. The other two are totally counting unless someone outs themselves to me. It’s interesting to me … Continue reading »

They Have My Baby & They Won’t Let Me Edit It (Briefly)

The current issue of The Blotter is out and available in places where it’s normally available! Woohoo! In the meantime, I’ve uploaded Perishables to the Kindle store and am waiting some period of hours (12-48) before it’s really for-real for sale there and I’m tapping my toe impatiently because I already have realized things I … Continue reading »

Do Judge A Cover By Its Book

This is the initial rough sketch of a cover design done by John Ward. We’re collaborating in public on Google+ to get a cover worked out and I’ve really enjoyed this process more than I know how to say. John is very gifted and has done some amazing work. He absolutely nailed Withrow’s morphology and … Continue reading »

The Stopwatch Is Your Frienemy

Another major realization while working on editing and formatting this afternoon and rewriting a chunk of Part III last night: a major difference between this and traditional publishing is that in the case of the latter I would eventually have to stop writing and hand this to someone else. That’s a good thing and a … Continue reading »

Formatting Is A Pain, Or Not

I’ve been busily formatting and editing to get the manuscript prepped for the Kindle Store. I’m probably going to use Smashwords to list it in the other ebook stores and formats but I want to do at least one myself and they don’t do Kindle at all so that seems the obvious choice. How much … Continue reading »

Cover Design Discussions Begin

+John Ward is designing the cover for my book Perishables as part of The Perishables Project, linked below. We’re going to be working through the process from initial conversations to finished project in public, on Google+, as an experiment for both of us. If you’d like to follow along, search for #jlwardcovers or ask to be added to my Book … Continue reading »

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