Mirror Mirror

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On the wall, who’s the deadest vamp of all?

Ladies and gentlemen, gunshots were heard in the vicinity of Blu late last night and now nobody knows where to get a book in this town.  Huhn.  Something to reflect on, that’s for sure.

More of the Musics

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A quiet night in downtown, ladies and gentlemen.  Very quiet.  Like, the public library is real quiet.  Notice that?

In honor of the tragic events of three years ago we are pleased to offer up a small mix of musical selections appropriate to a stormy past.

Word Games

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El Gato Rojo



None of these things are like the others, none of these things doesn’t belong.

Dinner Bell

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These thirsty ears have had some soothing words whispered in them by the city’s fairest and highest.  That’s not enough to satisfy, though, surely you know that.  Come on, there must be something you – yes, you – need to get off your chest.  The lines are open.  They’re always open, day or night.

With all the excitement lately, word has it that everyone from the top to the bottom is reaching out to unlikely quarters for whatever help can be found.  Seven darling little bobbleheads running and gunning a case even Valentine won’t take?  More murmured phrases looped in front of dance club mirrors?  The Red Cat drives a hard bargain, my darlings; be sure to read the fine print.

Checkered Flag

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More racing out on the Briley Parkway.  And here it seems like you folks were going to start something, get organized finally, with that diplomatic outreach we’ve heard about – you know, the envoy that showed up unexpectedly?  Tsk.  If the city’s wizards ever put their heads together they’d be downright dangerous.


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Maybe we were at the SitzungNacht and maybe we weren’t.  Is that even a real word?  Do we even care?  Fuck it.  Our point is, heavens but that room was crowded.  So many new faces, and so many of them seeming to still have a little blush left to them.  Things are weird enough with a Chairbeing whose face is never seen; do they really need to let any old body into the country club these nights?

Still, it’s good to see the Being In Charge are still capable of seeming not to give a good goddamn about anybody.  We wouldn’t want them getting exercised over mere “chattel,” they might wrinkle their impassive, collective brow with something like an emotion.

Da Basement

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Sucks about Mama’s Little Helper, doesn’t it?

Ha ha!  “Sucks.”

Maybe Davey didn’t like the competition?

Music Sampler 2

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I’ve got another thirteen songs, PDF playlist included, .zip file at the bottom of the directory listing.  Yet again the playlist has the songs out of order.  I’ve figured out why but I’m not fixing it right before bed.  Take that, orderly people!

It is, yet again, so incredibly ecclectic that I cannot imagine one person liking all of it but wevs.

Too Pretty By Half

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I’m sure you’ve heard the word already but just in case, a Certain Someone has called a noirée for this weekend.  Here’s what I’m hoping someone can tell me after the fact, assuming I’m not there myself:  just what, exactly, sits behind the grey curtain and what do those stiffly polite expressions on the faces of the primogen mean?

If I am there, of course, I’ll be too busy staring with exasperation at the face of the boss Haunt.  Too many times I’ve heard someone say they wouldn’t kick it out of bed for eating crackers but you know what?  I’m afraid crackers would be the least of its gustatory worries.


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So, why do certain people hang out with certain others?  I’m not trying to divide the city into feudal holdings with marked borders but sometimes you see a person hanging out in a certain group and you think, wow, how did that happen?  I find myself thinking that more and more around The Rack or, just as often, catching a glimpse of whose cars are parked at Fort Negley.  I remember a time when everyone was clustered in the equivalent of different corners of the same gymnasium, all staring at each other with sullen distrust.  Now it’s a little more… open.

That can’t make everyone happy, can it?

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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace