We had Fair day today; the assembled attendees consisted of me, The Boyf, Bascha, Pants Wilder, Anna, Katastrophes, Mr. Pink Eyes, Vonscratch and Jen. We ate Fair food (gods I can’t even list what I ate, but it did include the surprisingly fantastic Cheerwine fudge), we rode rides, we tromped around the Village of Yesteryear where I once again bought things for my altar.

There’s something about buying ritual tools from the person who actually made them and getting to, you know, chat with them for a few minutes and look over their stock and talk about where they’re from and what they do. The woman from whom I bought the kaleidescope (hellooooooo meditative abstracts) commented that I “must be a collector” because the one I bought is somehow unusual but I assured her that no, I am not. I’d bet a nickel she says that to everyone but it was charming nonetheless.

I put up a few random phone pics from the Fair. Yes, these are iPhone pictures. The iPhone: no better a camera than any other phone out there. Still, good enough that I didn’t want to lug a real camera anywhere.

Also, deep fried PB&J was kind of underwhelming, just as an FYI.

One final State Fair note: I saw only two or three stickers for Republican candidates or the Republican Party but I saw lots and lots of folks with stickers from the Democratic Party booth. In fact, as I took the picture of the prize-winning pumpkin a guy waited patiently and then asked where I’d gotten my “I’m the Decider: Dems in ’08” sticker because he, as he put it, “just [had] to have one.” Fingers crossed that I see that reflected again next year.