Saturday night Katastrophes and Mr. Pink Eyes were kind enough to root me
out of my home and introduce me to Baja Burrito over in Mission
Valley.  I arrived before they did and, like lemmings to the cliff
or Republicans to free money I was immediately drawn into Record
Exchange.  It’s no CD Alley, but it would do in a pinch – I was
suddenly reminded that the Faint had out a new CD and I would have
eaten anyone that stood between it and myself.

A few listens later, I’m so down it hurts.  I love it.  They
kept the dancy goth and the heavy distortion and the ominous background
over an otherwise unremarkable lyrical narrative – the thing they so
love to do – this time most obviously with the song “Erection.” 
While the beat and the effects suggest there’s something terribly dark
just about to happen, the band tell you about random things that make
them spring a boner in embarrassingly public places, winking and
grinning the whole way through the song.

I love this band. (more…)