Yes, I had too much free time at work tonight.

I’m playing with WordPress, by creating a test blog.  I even used the script Bascha recommended
and, for the most part, it did the heavy lifting for me (it did mangle
the formatting, but hey, that’s why the gods gave us
find-and-replace).  WordPress seems to be easier to use and has
built-in spam protection that, I hope, will be more effective. 
I’m going to leave the test site up to see what becomes of it and then
I may switch over.

In the meantime, uh – anybody know how to rename that directory without
breaking everything should I decide to move to it entirely? 
Because that sure didn’t work when I just renamed it from
“testblog” to “blog,” though I suppose that means I probably just need
to adjust the “full path” entry in the WP config.  *smacks
forehead*  Duh. (more…)