November 2009

51,600 words and finished in a hurry. I hated it. I’m not linking it. Maybe in a year or two. Bascha or Josh can ask me for a copy via email but dear gods, no one wants to read this. No one good should ever want to read this. Still, digital schwag:


Weekend travels and an overwhelming hate of the book so far have slowed me down. I am determined to finish before Thursday, though, which may have me up half the night on Wednesday but it will be worth it. The Boyf has been insanely patient with my short fuse as I have slogged this far. Things are going to be so nice come Thursday.

Interesting to me is the fact that when I switched perspective characters at 35,000 words, for what I thought would just be a scene, I was instantly more engaged. I can’t make him the perspective character the whole time, but I am going to try to make him the perspective character for as much as I can of what remains. The words, like spice, must flow.

Just over 25,000 words as of today and almost entirely unrelentingly awful. Seriously, fantasy? Never. Again.

I’ve joined the staff of the gay-reader-targeted comics blog Pink Kryptonite, under the pen name of Klarion (as in, the Witch-Boy). Pink Kryptonite is in the same family of sites as and PopSucker. Mainly I confess to being largely ignorant of the deep history of backstory, retcons and reboots – what with only really getting to read comics as an adult – and focus on writing about comics that currently entertain me. Also I write about how awesome Grant Morrison is.

Do you hear me, Grant Morrison? If I say your name three times, will you appear? Grant Morrison.

I would really, really love to see Lovestruck: A Romantic Comedy Set in the Horrific World of H.P. Lovecraft, but no such luck.

Not only is it Guy Fawkes Night, and thus important to anyone who loved V for Vendetta (and hates seeing wingnuts who get their rocks off on authoritarian bullshit try to claim that book as a metaphor for their own rage bone), it’s also the day the flux capacitor was invented.

And seriously, Sandman is twenty years old? Nearly twenty one? Good grief.

I started last night just after midnight. I went to D&D today, so that was a big chunk of non-writing time, but I still made it past the 3,000 word mark. Here’s a PDF link for Bascha.