Just watched the “Ain’t Nothin’ Dirty Going On” collection of shorts. It was a decidedly mixed bag. I’m sorry, but the unfunny Seussian short “Ogles With Goggles” doesn’t really get off the ground, lingering as it does over reinforcing conventional standards of beauty and pretending a strikingly handsome guy is ugly just because he’s in a bowtie. It feels like a movie that would like to challenge the established gay caste system but is scared to pull the trigger. That said, “Boycrazy” is a fun and funny musical with a phalanx of hot guys in it, well worth seeing. More than anything, though, the short documentary “Get Happy” is an amazingly sweet, funny and positive film about a child drag queen.

It occurred to me after that none of the movies I’ve seen this year are about queer characters being solely the victim. We can make films about being happy, we can make films about being disappointed, we can make films about being abused, but we don’t have to exploit ourselves to tell the story.