July 2009

Of the high-larious, WoW-related sort.

“Is he asking for drugs?”

I grew up in a tiny community in the middle of nowhere in the Appalachians. Naturally, there was no comic book store anywhere near me. As such, my childhood comics reading was limited to the half-dozen or so titles kept (more or less) in stock on the magazine rack at the gas station down the road and the pervasive attitude was that comics were at best a disreputable form of entertainment rightly kept out of sight.

I paint this Orwellian Rockwellian picture not to revel in nostalgia but to explain that when I was a kid I basically didn’t know diddle about comics and the one title to which I had reliable access on a monthly basis was the DC “Star Trek” series that followed the original crew through new and revisited adventures. The best by far was the multi-issue storyline where they help lead a coup d’etat in the Mirror, Mirror universe. Also, Mirror David Marcus is a butch, IIRC. (RIP, Merritt Butrick.)

For this reason – and years of fanboy-grade devotion – when Buffy: Season 8 started up it felt right and natural to subscribe. A lot of times comics adaptations feel to me like unnecessary retreads but a comics sequel or continuation feels like a great way to carry on with a story that isn’t done being told. Reading Buffy has been sufficiently gratifying – honestly, I could watch the Scooby Gang put up wallpaper and I’d enjoy it – that ever since I’ve been mulling over cancelled shows I’d love to see keep going in comics form:

  • Twin Peaks and don’t tell me it wouldn’t sell because it would sell.
  • Carnivale, another awesome show featuring Michael J. Anderson.
  • Invisible Man because anything that brings me more Vincent Ventresca is a very good thing.
  • Sifl & Olly, with one innovation: a code in each issue that allows the reader to download Sifl & Olly songs from the publisher’s website. I am here to tell you, that would make a million dollars. (Note: “million” may indicate some significantly smaller number as used on that sentence.)
  • Rockford Files, yes, for real, because that cocktail of class act plus ’70s swing would be perfect fodder for a quality adventure comic.

As an aside, writing this got me so nostalgiac for DC’s Star Trek title that I just bought the TPB collection of their Mirror, Mirror storyline for $6 and change online. Awesome.

Originally I wrote this as a draft for Pink Kryptonite, to which I’ll be contributing when they get my login created. However, the title has, between me writing the draft and putting this up, come true. The owner of the ticket for making comics out of BSG has announced they’re going to be doing a comics adaptation/continuation of Battlestar Galactica 1980. So, there’s that.

I have suffered a lot of bogus “breaking news” spam from various news sites but today, when CNN saw fit to inform me via a breathless email that one of Jackson’s kids had said something nice about the guy at the dude’s freaking funeral, I’d finally had enough. I hope nothing important gets sent out by CNN via email because I sure as hell am no longer subscribed.

Of note: I’ve read that they charge much higher advertising rates when they’ve just sent out a breaking news alert.