May 2009

Pictures taken on 12 May, 2009, from the board room of the old CCB/Suntrust building in downtown Durham. The Boyf bought us tickets to a Durham Arts Council fundraiser held as the last public event in the board room before Greenfire starts to turn it into a boutique hotel downtown. I debated taking my real camera and settled on the iPhone so some are of highly questionable quality.

So, there’s a student out there in the world who wrote a paper about a short story of mine (PDF) that is posted on this site. That’s both flattering and highly unexpected.

(By the way, he now needs to refer to a review of said story by a third party and there isn’t one in the world because, you know, this is a tremendously obscure corner of the internet. Just in case lightning strikes twice, let me know if you have any interest in reviewing it. Be warned, though, it’s a raw first draft.)

Today is Commencement at UNC. Yesterday I had to run through Chapel Hill on a couple of errands and stopped at the Hall to take some pictures of the extremely enthusiastic rose bushes that run the length of the wooden fence donated by Bro. Hop Swift in the ’90s. I walk past them every morning on my way to work and they are much more stunning in person.

I’ve put up a gallery of pictures from our trip to DC at the beginning of April for the Cherry Blossom Festival. In summary, Kramerbooks & Afterwords continues to be the go-to place for awesome and Rep. David Price’s office gave us a very fun tour of the US Capitol. We had some great food, great times and a very lovely drive through rural Virginia capped off by a stay at our favorite Richmond bed & breakfast, the Museum District B&B. Pictures from our trip are divided into several galleries:

If all goes well, we or at least I will be back in July sometime for the welcome home party of some friends’ who’ve been living overseas for a couple of years. Woot!