If you don’t read Endangered Durham, and you have any interest in Durham’s history or historical photography, you should start reading it immediately.

Sunday morning we were wondering how to spend the day and I said to The Boyf, “I’d love nothing more than a beautiful spring day spent downtown taking pictures.” He flipped apart two slats of the blinds and peeked through them before announcing, “That is happening right now.”

I spent hours walking around downtown taking pictures. I got a sunburn, my legs are sore, my feet ache. Basically, it was perfect. Lots of people were out walking downtown, lots of people with cameras, kids with kites. It was an incredibly windy day so I wound up with an accidental fauxhawk. I learned that Parrish Street – lined with lawyers’ offices and banks – turns into an unofficial skate park on beautiful Sunday afternoons. I oriented myself in relation to some of Endangered Durham‘s recent posts and took some pictures of my own of at least one of his recent topics.

It was a great day overall, actually. We brunched at Parker & Otis, I dropped off The Boyf so he could catch the first act of The Gondoliers (being staged by the Durham Savoyards at the Carolina Theatre of Durham), then I picked him up after my wanderings and we hit the Durham Library book sale for bag day. It was pretty freakin’ awesome. Pictures, loosely grouped:

So, there you have it.