November 2008

And finally I can sleep.

NaNoWriMo 2008 Winner Badge

Tonight while I was searching the YouTubernets for this, I found this.

So awesome.

I am closing in on Akismet having caught 100,000 spam comments on my behalf. Sweet.

NaNo thus far: 38,495 words.

I created a Wordle word cloud of the text so far. Hell yeah.

Last night we caught the midnight showing of Quantum of Solace at the Carolina Theatre of Durham. I wanted a really, really big screen for it and so that was the natural place to turn. Without going into details, it’s very good. There’s an argument to be made that Casino Royale was more mind-blowing but I think largely it’s because that one had that new-Bond smell. In the new one, Craig is still fantastic as Bond, the “Bond girl” is unquestionably his peer, the action had me literally, physically tensed in my seat, Bond’s relationship with M is fun to watch and the theme song is very, very good. What more could one want?

Odds I’ll pay to see it again: very high.

20,175 words. Whewf.

This year I’m writing a noir thriller kind of thing called Particular People about a gay insurance agent caught up in the life of a famous client who is a closet-case. It’s set in Nashville, TN, in 1983 and the title is an allusion to the old trick the queer community used to use to identify one another: when they were sitting at a bar, so it is said (and as often it’s said to be untrue), they would leave out a pack of Pall Malls so that the motto – Wherever Particular People Gather – would be visible.

I’m up to 12,923 words as of tonight. I’m only barely keeping pace with the normal progression of 1,667 words/day but tomorrow afternoon there’s a write-in at a coffeehouse around the corner from me so I plan to get way out ahead of the curve while I’m there.

I’m going to make a prediction, hangover be damned: NC will be certified blue in a matter of days. The 40,000 to 50,000 provisional ballots outstanding simply will not be so overwhelmingly in favor of McCain that they erase Obama’s 11,000 vote lead. Having worked a few elections now, I can tell you who winds up voting a provisional: college students and new voters. Neither of those are likely McCain voters.

Why college students, one might ask? That’s easy: they don’t know they aren’t registered or they don’t have the ability to vote in their “normal” precinct so on election day, between classes, they walk into the nearest polling place and wind up voting a provisional. It is entirely likely that hundreds of Durham County’s provisional ballots from yesterday fall into this category as students walked in who (a) thought they had registered but hadn’t or whose registrations had failed to make it into the books or (b) lived off-campus and had someplace else in town as their “real” polling place walked into the one next to campus thinking they could just vote wherever.

Why new voters? Because they don’t know where to go and so they go to the polling place they see on their way to/from work or the one that’s nearby when they get a break.

There are exceptions and there are theories that some measure of provisionals are from recently-moved retirees and from retirement homes but they don’t hold water. Recently relocated retirees are always on top of their voting registration and retirement home residents don’t show up in person and wind up voting a provisional. Anyone who votes a provisional walks in the door and has the stamina to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Both of these favor Obama. That’s a pretty harsh thing to say, but it’s true.

Now I’m scared to post this for fear of jinxing my state turning blue.

3,791 words. My main character, it turns out, is named Jason Marks and his office (he’s an independent insurance agent in Nashville, TN in 1983) is in a dying shopping mall. At least a part of last night’s writing time was spent reading, a site that is every bit as awesome as its name suggested it would be. His only work friend is a screaming queen who works at the Orange Julius. Jason Marks is also, it turns out, not nearly as nice as I had thought he would be but I suspect that’s going to be his arc: learning a little empathy in the course of having his entire world completely fucked over by one dead country star.

I’m going to try to cross the 5,000 word mark tonight before bed since I won’t get to do a lick of writing on Tuesday. Truly, I love November.