Sunday evening The Boyf and I went to the State Fair. Right away I need to tell you that deep-fried pecan pie is fantastically good. It is reason #587 why I can never own a deep fryer.

Second, there is a pretty stunning thing that has been done to an apple.

There’s a competition in which kids have made various bits of art out of apples. One made dinosaur eggs by painting it, etc. One of the winners on display is an apple that has been, by means of a dowel rod and some other bits, turned into a vaguely dinosaur shape. It has a sign in front of it with its name. I swear to the gods that’s really what was sitting there. The Boyf and I had to stare for a long while before we could say anything and then finally he asked, “You’re going to take a picture, right?” I did – though I was giggling so hard I couldn’t hold the phone steady – then stood back up, looked at him and we both silently mouthed the word, “Wow.”

As we walked away two young women approached and one said, in her best Valley Girl, “Oh, look, those are soooooo cute.” We snickered a little at the incongruity of the reaction, waited a couple of seconds and then heard with tremendous satisfaction the same voice shrilly cry, “Oh my God, does that say ‘raping?!’.”