Saturday was the unbelievably awesome Annex Demolition Party at St. Anthony Hall. The thing that stunned me was how many people were there whom I’d never seen before. I’m hoping they come back for SwingOut because I’d love to see them again. We had attendees from every decade the annex has stood in our back yard, including the brother whose picture from the ’60s graced the party’s invitational postcard. Amazing food, a tent, chairs, puppies, babies, sledgehammers, goggles, enthusiasm – it was an awesome time.

KJ had set “no windows” as a rule before the event but upon being gifted with the first swing at the Annex by the brother who won the auction for it she immediately took out a window. I don’t remember who said it but I quickly realized it sums us up all too well so I said it myself about a dozen times in later conversations: we are St. A’s. We make rules so that we may break them.

There were people there whose names I knew only from going through old secretary notebooks when I was an undergrad, people who’d figured in the minutes from decades before my own. How fabulous is that? Extremely fabulous.

More than one person said to me during the party, “So, is the Annex really getting demolished?” I was so happy to answer in the affirmative. I was so very, very happy.

When I was around back taking a swing at the door jamb to my room, though, a sister said, “Someone should get up on the roof…” and my alumni role immediately kicked into gear. I cannot imagine seven more terrible words to hear in the context of the annex. Actually, that’s not true. “I recently exposed skin in the annex,” or maybe, “I think we should lick the walls,” those would be way worse. Still, the roof? It’s way, way high on the list of bad ideas.

That’s not one of the rules we make so that we may break them.