April 2008

Ben Stein has a film called Expelled in which he tries to Michael Moore it up on the topic of creationismintelligent design vs. evolution. Unfortunately for him, Scientific American has some minor quibbles.

Were I one of the scientists interviewed under (apparently) false pretenses – say, the always fascinating PZ Myers – I would be pretty tweaked. He’s a classier sort of guy, though, even as he notes a surge in hate-mail received from creationists.

The Annex, loved and reviled by all those who spent any time at the Hall for the last, um, forty-plus years, is going to be torn down this summer. Yesterday I was at the Hall and I took some pictures with my phone.

Two weeks ago my cousin died while on vacation overseas.

He was the closest thing I’d ever had to a biological brother and when I was in high school and he was a college dropout we did more than our share of running around getting up to no good. He bought me my first illicit alcohol. We and a friend of ours once got near-busted in a fallow field near our preacher’s house, the truck full of cheap toilet paper and plastic forks meant for the preacher’s yard, when a sheriff’s deputy happened by the moment we got out of the truck. To get us out of it I ginned up, on the spot, a complicated story about waiting to meet one of our other cousins. The deputy mulled it over and decided to let us go and as the deputy drove away my cousin turned to me and said, “Why’d you mention Other Cousin X? That guy must be new; if he’d been a deputy for any time at all he’d know how much trouble Other Cousin is always in! You might as well have claimed we were waiting for Al Capone!”