All I managed to catch tonight was the shorts collection, titled “They’re Coming To Get You, Barbra!” Some quickie reviews:

Fathers-In-Law: Cute, with a satisfyingly gory finish.

Prombies: Actually… kind of disappointing. The first three or four minutes are extremely funny but after that you’ve pretty much heard the joke they keep making.

Gay Zombie: Hysterically funny. I could sense the audience around me growing uncomfortable because this is a film that proudly wears its stereotypes on its sleeve but they’re what made it for me. I don’t know anyone involved in making the film except that I know everyone in the film. Todd’s flamer friend = The Diva, the closet-case hottie = Matt LeQ, etc., etc. It’s a queer rom-com that happens to have a zombie in one of the roles and I think that’s what left some in the audience squirming. Gods, but I laughed. I probably pissed people off, I laughed so much. This was an absolutely unexpected but utter delight.

Zombie Love: The best movie ever made. Period. Christ, people, it has a number done in the style of Bollywood, sung in actual Hindi! (Or maybe it’s Urdu, I don’t know.) The crowd broke into applause when the credits rolled. I heard someone after say that she didn’t like it because the songs are really, really long and yes, the songs are really long and, for me, that’s part of what’s so funny. I just loved everything about this movie. I can’t explain it beyond that. I can’t provide detail or analysis, it’s just hilarious.

I bumped into Phil Lee in the vendor room and he reported that Tenebre is in fact all that and a side of fries so I am putting that on the schedule for tomorrow as well as Los Cronocrímenes and probably another round of the same shorts because I so want to make Mr. Saturday watch them. Also high on my list to see: Nobody and the collection of shorts titled “666.”