Jeez, did anyone get the license plate on that month?

December has flown by. I’m facing some family dramas with my mountain relatives I’m not quite ready to discuss and some having over-booked myself in the activities-and-travel department in the next couple of weeks. On Monday I drive up to Asheville and back on Tuesday. On Friday I drive up to DC and back on Sunday AM sufficiently early for The Boyf to get to work by half past noon. A week from Thursday I fly up to Philly for a long weekend for GC. In the meantime I’m still trying to wrap up the last couple of chapters of Tooth and Nail and today I need to finish my shopping.

I did man up and go hold vigil at Maria’s last night for Yule, however. I’m exhausted today but had a fantastic time sitting by the fire and catching up on Order of the Stick and telling and hearing stories. At 7:23 we were all out on the front lawn, facing east, staring at grey clouds that covered the sky. Still worth it.