Two quick things: I finally worked up the nerve to link my 2006 NaNo, even though I hated it upon its completion. I re-read some of it tonight and actually really like the first couple of opening scenes and couldn’t gin up any huge objections when I grabbed scenes or pages at random from later in the book. 2006 was the year I went on a noir bender and actively tried to imitate with my NaNo as an extended writing exercise; in short, mixed results but what the hell. Maybe it’s a disaster, I can’t tell, but it’s my disaster. I describe it on my NaNoWriMo page as “a sort of urban Edwardian fantasy noir detective adventure mystery” which should tell you right away that large quantities of caffeine produce activity but not focus.

Speaking of NaNo, the second thing is that I know what I’m going to write this year. It’ll be a murder mystery involving a bunch of redneck vampires and starring Withrow (from a short story I wrote earlier this year on a lark). Tentative title: Tooth and Nail. Too cheeseball, or just cheeseball enough? The scene I’m most looking forward to writing is Withrow’s second visit to the abandoned X-ray film factory based on the X-ray film factory where my father worked for 30+ years. Ridiculous-But-True Fact: the plant, which operated in total darkness 24/7 due to the unexposed film everywhere, is/was in Transylvania County.