Great news from Iowa – a state judge has struck down the state’s version of DOMA. He issued a stay of his own ruling shortly after, pending review by the state’s Supreme Court, but there it is, another legal victory for marriage equality.

It saddens me to know the wingnuts of Iowa will undoubtedly get up in arms over this. What they don’t seem to realize is that political railroading and bullying as a tactic of religious and political control isn’t something they just invented for themselves; it’s a proud tradition that must be protected at all costs, preserved for future generations. We don’t need to sit back and take it when they try to stop us this time. If we don’t rise up and do something now, future generations may not have the inspiration required to act in their own best interests.

As such, a modest proposal: whereas it makes me sick to know that activist preachers are going to abuse their unelected positions to legislate from the pulpit, making demands and imposing their will on the progressive people of Iowa, I hereby call on all liberty-loving Iowans to act quickly and amend the Bible. Iowa is one short ballot measure from striking back at these power-grabbing, anti-democratic Family Values types. Isn’t it time the Freedom Values Coalition stepped forward to push back?