I snapped a picture of this license plate on Sunday when The Boyf and I went out for brunch. I was mainly amused by the scare-/irony-quotes around GOD suggesting that God may have been impersonated or at the very least using a pseudonym. The Boyf and I were both absolutely mystified as to its meaning but a tiny amount of Googling turned up this explanatory video. Summary: a dude Shatners about the Devil trying to kill him but the Christian God, as might be guessed from the tag, blocking it.

You know what drives me crazy about religions that incorporate a concept of a chosen or protected people? They’re effectively giving the rest of us the finger. That’s not terribly tolerant of me but there you have it. Drives. Me. Up. The. Freakin’. Wall. Implying that those who died ahead of their desired time were allowed to be taken because they didn’t have a special purpose: not the best way to convert me to your religion.

That said, his singers do have great voices.