So, this week I’ve been on call for work. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to be on call. Lesson learned: I’m a whiny little man-child. I can’t discuss it – and don’t want to discuss it – in tremendous detail but suffice to say I have had moments of sincere displeasure with my customer base. Having gotten the self-critical lesson out of the way, here are some other lessons to learn:

  • Four in the effing ay of the em is not a good time to tune your IDS signatures. I don’t care that you’re already up for your day and want to do it while it’s fresh on your mind. I have to go to fucking work in five hours and I’ve already been asleep for three. Guess who’s going to have to have the exact signatures you want tuned repeated several times because he’s mostly asleep? Me, that’s who. Also, fuck you for calling.
  • Ten in the evening? Not a great time to call so you can have someone to bitch at about your internal processes. They ain’t mine, jack. They’re yours. I understand the jargon, yes, but I don’t actually care and I can’t change anything. I am an engineer. I am not a therapist. Your need: a therapist.
  • Some of my colleagues are just awesome. There is no better time than five in the morning to hear your 3rd shift co-worker say, “OK, here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to make sure you do not have to talk to this person. Don’t worry about it.” Then, they do that. It’s really, really amazing. At LastJob there was a lot of fire-and-forget with other people’s problems.

Also, Guitar Hero II: great game or greatest game? On the downside, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a Cheap Trick song stuck in my head and I’m not really ready to revisit those years. Happily, I discovered that my usual antidote – the chorus to Rufus Wainwright’s 11:11 – works even against Surrender. I should write him a letter to thank him.

What in the hell is Surrender about, anyway? Old KISS records? Is the point of this song really that Mommy & Daddy are “alright?” Is this Cheap Trick singing a song about how one’s parents are hip in their own way and one should get over it? Oh, wait, it’s Cheap Trick. They are our parents. Because these are the interwebs I even checked Wikipedia for them and, sure enough, there they are. Upcoming dates: a casino in Lincoln, RI. Honest to the gods, if they came here I’d go see them. I don’t care whether that’s shameful or ironic or whatever.