So, I got the new Mac Pro. Yowza. Can I just say that again? Perhaps with more emphasis?


Highest FPS in WoW so far? Over 200. Average is around 75 or 80, though. In Shattrath. On a Saturday afternoon. In the bank. With every texture, spell effect, etc., maxed out.

OK, I have to stop bragging now. That’s not mature of me. It’s true, though. Every word.

Also, how awesome is this: I cleaned out the shed today and now kind of wonder if it will ever again be safe to use my hands to eat. Ugh. I will never, ever let my shed get like this again. Never. I swear it. But the awesome part is how much of what was in there is able to be recycled by the city. Another awesome thing is that the big recyclables – the mounds of cardboard, the car battery so thoughtfully left by the previous owner of my home (you know, the one sitting out in the yard), that sort of stuff – are all accepted at a city “Convenience Center” about five minutes from my house. I read this and then my heart sank at the realization that it was already after 5pm on a Saturday, no way they’d be open, but I checked the hours just in case: open until 7pm on Saturdays. Fuck yes. I love Durham.