OK, so I had no idea that anyone from CRG reads this. Welcome to my tiny corner of the interwebs!

At any rate, I have two or three big corrections to make to my last post and I don’t think just tucking a little update at the bottom really does them justice. And, so without further ado:

  • Tucson Roller Derby just beat Texas, not AZRD. I had them confused, which is entirely my error. They are two totally different teams.
  • CRG is ranked #7, not #8, and AZRD are ranked #4, not #3. Again, this is my error; the old rankings are #8 and #3, respectively. The rankings were apparently updated recently, and I didn’t know this. (The program for Sunday said rankings were about to be updated, but that they would be updated in January.)
  • Lucy Lastkiss’ fiancee was removed from the arena after intervening when AZRD’s Babe Ruthless threw a punch at Lucy Lastkiss. I didn’t see that happen, and so again, that’s my error for suggesting he was not.
  • It is also entirely possible that I am wrong about that having been Babe Ruthless. Punch or no, that is a fabulous name.

I used to bug a skater I know well that people who are reliably going to write about the bouts, afterwards, need some sort of eagle-eye vantage point so they can get a really good look. (Honestly, this wasn’t just me making a play for great seats. Well, OK, not entirely.)

Now? With all good humor, I confess that I prefer that the skaters in general not be able to identify me on sight.

(Kidding! 🙂 )

In all seriousness, many thanks to the skaters, skater SO and ref who took the time to read my write-up and send me very polite corrections and explanations.  (Also, thank you to Eva for the explanation of the acceptable and unacceptable uses of elbows.)