If you haven’t heard, Bob Corker (the Republican running to replace Bill Frist when he retires this year) – or, depending on whom you ask, the Republican National Committee or, if you ask them then some mysterious entity they aren’t even allowed to see! – put an ad out that, among other things, accused Harold Ford, Jr., of being a promiscuous bachelor. (More accurately, they accused him, a black man, of being a promiscuous bachelor around white women, which in Tennessee is probably more than one statement when made in one sentence.)

There’s also a radio ad (linked to in this follow-up comment by apostropher in the same Unfogged thread) which, if you ask me, makes specious use of the drums.

More relevant, however, is the ad’s line about how Corker has “also built a wonderful family.” Having read this old post from Wonkette (linked today from FARK), I have to agree. I’m gay and all, so the giggling pseudo-lesbian action doesn’t do anything for me, but I am glad his children are apparently more open-minded than he is.