Note that “LBRS” (acronym for Lower Blackrock Spire) is commonly pronounced “loobers.”

Heavens, but I had a good weekend for gaming. Saturday afternoon The Boyf and I rolled out to NC Pride on the campus of Duke U. and did a little shopping and a lot of running into people we know. Dinner followed, and after that I piled into a LBRS raid with several other members of City in Flames. About halfway through someone commented they were going to grab a beer, and then everyone was grabbing a beverage, and after two very full glasses (something like four normal glasses) of a delish Cotes du Rhone we picked up at A Southern Season a few months ago I was, frankly, plastered. It is a testament to how much World of Warcraft I have played that I am able to get just slap-hammered and still play fairly well. That Pants Wilder and I signed up for an Alterac Valley immediately afterwards and I managed more killing blows than deaths and nearly 80 honor kills is just pure luck. As far as I could tell, that AV was screaming and slightly blurry chaos. That we won literally cannot have had anything to do with my presence there. I remember greatly amusing one of my guildmates by saying someone – I don’t even remember who – was an asshole, but not “like, driving a Porsche and having a coke habit and voting for Reagan asshole, that would be meta-asshole.”

I think that I should never, ever drink and play WoW again. Or I should do it all the time. Oh, wait, that sort of mindset is one of the reasons it took me seven years to finish my bachelor’s. Ah, yes. That’s settled, then.

Then, Sunday we formally inaugurated our new Magepire (two Mages, one Vampire) game at Bascha’s place. Mages? Definitely fun. The system is still confusing to me in terms of the sheer versatility of the powers Mages have under the hood, but damn is it fun.

Then, Monday night we got to enjoy another round of WoW, this time in UBRS. No drinking that time, and it’s decidedly for the best.