Finally, I have gotten them up in my gallery.

  • That Store Which Still Cannot Be Named – ultra-tacky stuff. Like, you just wouldn’t believe. It’s arguably less tacky this year than it was last, but wow. It’s still bad. Tack-o-rama.
  • Clarksville Antiques – I love this place. And the inventory, um, well, it’s basically the same, down to the highball glasses I still really want. If they’re there next year, they are mine.
  • Gino’s Pizza – A few pictures of their interior.
  • Mariposa Cafe – It’s either dead or dying, and that makes me very sad.
  • One Cat – Just a random snapshot of Gogo laying on the bed at the lakehouse. I kept trying to get shots of Didi and Gogo perched on the steps into the living room, but they’d always move.

Update:  If you’re looking for them, here are links to last year’s pictures and my gallery in general.