Spent the weekend trying (and largely failing) to deal with things that needed dealing with. There’s now a dead couch in my yard. I am that trash. At least it’s in the back yard, and not the front, and at least it’s going away Thursday morning.

The best thing about the weekend was easily getting to go play blackjack and shoot the breeze over at Katastrophes‘ and Mr. Pink Eyes’ place. That I came out ahead on the night didn’t hurt one bit.

I did, however, get a Huge Project done that had been a major stumbling block for a long time. Now there are just all the other frickin’ things that have been waiting, oh, y’know, since I bought the house, or shortly thereafter. And of course I still haven’t replaced the shed. Maybe next year. The one I have may be crumpled, but at least it’s there.

Work this week is a huge clusterfuck because my boss, who is normally fantastic, decided it would be a good idea to ship 3/4 of the team off for training for the week, leaving 1/4 of us here to actually do everything. My brain is very tired, and yet there are hours still to go. Vacation starts Friday and I cannot express how fucking glad I will be to get the fuck away from the office for a few days.

Now, let’s see, between everything exploding at work, and having zero time at home this week because of said work, I somehow need to figure out a way to fit a haircut, checkups for the kittens, doing the undergrad taxes, paying the bills, going to the bank, packing, checking my comics bag and checking the PO box into Friday afternoon, since that’s the only day between now and Lake when I’ll have a free moment.

Also, memo to the planet: online dramas of all sorts (such as blogfights) are just so played. The very last of novelty was wrung from the genre many years ago in the depths of Usenet, and there hasn’t since been even a whiff of original indignation. I just have no stomach left for when people get giddy over Internet people having a slap-fight.

The good news: I’ve decided to play a mage in the next City In Flames tabletop game. He falls into the Charlesian branch of the Roderick line of pop-culture-savvy iconoclasts, for those who know my characters.

He’s going to be a travel agent.

That’s not some weird euphemism; I mean that his profession will be arranging trips for people and charging a fee and he will have brochures that I will probably fashion myself because I am a freak.

I really, really like the new Mage.