My absolute favorite things about having a blog is the search strings that lead people to it.  Of recent note:

  • “kitten names,” over and over and over again
  • “penalty for hiding from a cop in leesburg va” – let me assure you, whoever you were, that you should get an attorney
  • “manly c/ocks,” Googleproofed because, really, I don’t need those people leaving comments
  • “morphed c/ocks,” see above (and what the hell, exactly, is that about anyway?)
  • “conspiracy theories proven true,” which really makes me want to ask what their angle is

Yes, it’s a slow week.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, I’m currently reading 2012 by Daniel Pinchbeck.  I read Breaking Open the Head last summer, and this summer his new book is either a brilliant work of spiritualism or he’s gone off the deep end.  I’m just not sure.  Either way, it’s fascinating, and I have like ten things I have to Google already out of the first 75 or so pages.

I also recently added the new Moon Knight to my bag at Chapel Hill Comics, which I highly recommend (both the book and the store, actually).  And I picked up Five Fists of Science while I was there, and loved it.  It’s basically the graphic novel love-child of Adventure! and Deadlands.