So is anyone surprised that Rove walked?


I’ll be the first to say that I both just knew he would go to the pokey and just knew that he would walk, free as a bird, smirking that little half-smile he’s got the whole way out the courtroom door.  I mean, I really did just know he was going down, but in the way I used to just know I was going to be governor one day; that is to say, I also just knew that these were pipe dreams, fancies ready to take flight at the first rustling of reality amongst the tall grass.

He’s smart.  I hate him and everything he stands for and would like to stab and then filet alive every word that comes out of his mouth – yes, I am made murderous towards abstracts, such is my hate – but he’s smart.  He knew exactly what to say in such a way that nothing would stick.

I wonder if this is how the FBI felt about Gotti, or how the Republicans felt about Clinton’s approval ratings?

Somehow it’s made a little better to think that the Republicans look at Rove and think to themselves, Well, he’s too fugly to run for President, but at least we finally got a slick-ass greaseball of our own to love.  Ah yes.  It actually does make it a little better, knowing that the closest thing they can muster to Clinton is an unelectable pork-rind like Rove.

Ah well.  Life goes on, as sad and dreary as it might be in the absence of a Karl Rove Perp Walk Memorial YouTubing.