This is something I commonly say to my cats when they’re chasing, say, a moth. Bruce, on the other hand, was a genuinely fierce cat.  There are those who might even call him a bully.  He hated other animals, and would frequently have stare-downs with the neighbors’ dogs through the chain-link fence around our back yard.

He would win those stare-downs, too.

Thus it was with no small amount of amusement that I read this on

Jack is a ten-year-old orange-and-white tabby in West Milford, New Jersey. And when the cat spotted the bear in a neighbor’s yard earlier this week, the clawless kitty let the bear know who’s boss.

The bear scurried up a tree and eyed the cat for ten to 15 minutes, while Jack stared and hissed from the ground. The bruin inched its way down before jumping off and running away.

That’s just beautiful.

Here’s the downside: a clawless cat, outdoors? Bad idea, normally. Maybe, from the sound of things, though, this cat doesn’t need them.