A bit of a catch-up post today. This morning I had an idea for a blog post about the Hookergate scandal or something like it and I remember wondering whether it was clever or just coincidence and now I can’t remember it.

Oh, but trying to write about it made me remember it, so here it is: Scott McLellan resigns as Resident Punching Bag and the next week Jeff Gannon officially comes out of the closet at a blogger conference in Philly, in the process saying he stayed overnight at the White House one night, election night 2004.

Of course, rumor’s had it for years that Scott is something other than strictly heterosexual, and so I have to wonder… what are the odds that they’re related events? Like, Scotty’s leaving his post would somehow involve a signal to Gannon that it was OK to start letting in a little sunshine, or something. I don’t even know why it would matter, so I guess it was just dumb.

In gardening news, the apple trees are all doing quite well. I need to start pruning them back to give them some shape. I want to take some pictures of them, but I can’t find my tripod and think I may have accidentally abandoned it somewhere on a trip or something. So, time to get a new one.

In WoW news, the new playable race on the Alliance side has been revealed for real. It’s the Draenei, alright, but they don’t look like the sick little frog-men you can find in Swamp of Sorrows and that, shallow as it sounds, is a nice thing to hear. I can’t wait for some Jack Thompson-style moron (such as Jack Thompson, who is an utter moron) to go screaming across the stage of some lame talk-show somewhere with “LOTS OF PLAYERS HAVE WANTED TO PLAY DEMONS” on a banner to illustrate that we all want to eat your babies.

And in hometown news, I found out last night that the little brother of a friend from childhood got busted for running a meth lab out of his mom’s trailer.