Goss resigns from the CIA. Tell me if this sounds canned and stiff to you:

Bush said that Goss has “helped make this country a safer place.”

“We’ve got to win the war on terror,” Bush added.

Goss, for his part, said that “I would like to report to you that the agency is back on a very even keel and sailing well.”

“We’ve got to win the war on terror” is the best you can do when the CIA director up and walks?  That’s not exactly the best line for someone’s retirement party, is it?  We’ve got to win the war on terror and step one is inviting Gossie not to let the door hit him on the ass isn’t exactly a gold watch and a handshake.  Sounds… rushed.  It’s not up to the usual Stepfordian, scripted saccharine of the Bush Team.  Sounds like someone got caught with his pants down.

And with that as my segue, what is not, on the other hand, on an even keel is the reputation of a number of current and former Congressmen who are currently being investigated in connection with a hookers-for-contracts ring involving a couple of lobbyists and a whole bunch of Congressmen. And Goss, of course, used to be a Congressman and has been rumored to be a potential target of the investigation.

I imagine he’s going to say he’s retiring to spend more time with his family, since that is the BushCo party line when someone walks the plank. I have to wonder if it has to do with those doin’s at the Watergate, though.

No, not Those Doin’s, the hookers-for-contracts doin’s. Oh, yes! See, they thought it would be a good idea to have their little sex parties at the Watergate.

The fucking Watergate.

As MAC pointed out, it seems like it would take an idiot to do anything at all questionable within five miles of that place. And yet, there they were. I imagine that the psychology of the taboo was in full effect, that at least once in an elevator one of them clapped the other on the back and said, “At the Watergate? Man, that is hot.”