Whew! Work has just kicked my tail this week, so I haven’t blogged. Lame, I know. Whatevs.

I did get to have some fun at work, though. A co-worker got tired of an issue he couldn’t figure out, and dumped it unceremoniously in my lap. A few words were mumbled about being busy with something else, and then he ran – literally ran – from the scene of the crime. I yelled after him that I guessed that meant I, being sort of in charge of this sort of thing, would have to do it. So, I did.

By Day Two of trying to deal with The Unfixable Problem From Hell, I had exhausted my local resources and learned that what the client wanted to do wasn’t possible anyway. It now fell to me to explain to them that despite said co-worker’s assurances that all would work just as they expected, it would in fact not work at all and that we were not going to make it work because we could not do so.

That’s not what I’m really blogging about, though.

A second colleague offered to take it off my hands, so I stood up and said, “I appreciate your offer. Sincerely. But I inherited this because Gimpy McDumpAndRun didn’t feel like doing this, because he was tired of talking to these people and failing to help them, and I am a better person than that. I am tired of talking to them – make no mistake – and I am tired of this issue and I wish it were over. But this company pays me to show up anyway, and to talk to them anyway, and I refuse to do to you what was done to me.”

Everyone was listening, and everyone was staring. And that is what I’m blogging about. Do not cross the McManlyPants with lies and obfuscations, because he will burn your ass in front of the entire office in a crescendo of passive-aggressive drama. Nobody wants that.

Sadly, I learned that Gimpy wasn’t even at his desk when this happened, so he didn’t hear a word. That just makes it even more passive-aggressive, but again, whatevs.

All told, the client got over it and came out of it happier than they were before. And, as a bonus, I got to say this: “I am an engineer. I will tell you the truth. No one issued me a bucket of white-wash for this job.”

And they liked that.