They are the kittens of the mind, not yet actualized. Should they be engaged, they would of course become kinetic kittens, rampaging around our house. We went to meet them tonight. Decisions & announcements (if such are appropriate) forthcoming.

UPDATE: I sent an email to the foster mom this morning letting her know that we want them. I don’t know if they’re definitely ours or not – eggs, chickens, hatching, etc. – but let’s go ahead and say that The Boyf and I might need help coming up with names for them.

In the last one, the black cat sitting next to me – like, feet against my legs, curled up halfway on me, at one point climbing into my lap and all over me style “next to me” – is the foster mom’s cat Riley. Riley was dubbed The Ambassador as soon as he ran over to greet us. Riley was all kinds of friendly. I wish we could have stolen him. Heh.