OK. This is a question to my fellow bloggers, all of ya: have you ever gotten a comment just so strange, so totally over-the-top weirdo bizarro fud-up that it was tempting both (a) to delete it immediately for fear of the search-engine referrals it might generate and (b) to keep it around like some sort of caged performance artist, a little snapshot of the intersection of serious mental breakdown and the Internet?

I’m, uh, I’m just asking. Rhetorically.


OK, so I’m not just rhetorically asking. And I approved it, because I just said in the last thread that I only delete comments when they’re spam. I’m 99.99% sure it’s spam, anyway, just some crazy-bot that slipped past the whole question-and-answer thing in the comment field. Right? That happens, doesn’t it? With the advent of WordPress I’ve never even had to consider whether someone could get past that, though. Still, it’s so unrelated to the thread in question I am 99.99% sure that it was a bot. It’s too bad, really, because I’d love to know which column is which in the dichotomy they set up in one paragraph.

On the chance I just rolled double 00’s twice on that d100 check, though, and that was a live person, and because it’s funny as shit, I kept it around. And, in case it was a live person? Seriously? Please, please get some help. The aliens did not set up Borders as the good guys and Barnes & Noble as their evil counterpart (or the other way around, depending on that same which column is which question).

Jesus H. on a stick. Some people. At least we’re not talking about my dick anymore.

I am serious about the weird-ass comments question, though. What do you do with yours? I know we all get them. If this dusty corner of the interwebs gets them, I can’t even imagine what weird shit someone like apostropher has seen.