Was there a weekend that just happened? Because I’d swear it was just a blur of being various places and eating and D&D and WoW and getting absolutely jack done that I needed to get done.

There are piles of brush in my yard. I am now that guy who can’t keep his damn yard clean. Yay. There’s a dude around the corner who lets his lawn get 2 feet high before he mows it, and his kids’ toys are all over the place and everytime I see it like that I think Gods, what a frickin’ slob, I am so glad I don’t have to look at that out my window every day, and now I am that guy only with sticks instead of toys.

And next weekend? Nevermore. Of course.

On the other hand, the weekend was really, really excellent: Bascha and Kath making us fabulous dinner, great games of D&D, dim-sum with Marcus, Bascha, Kath and Mr. Saturday and a lazy and very enjoyable Monday. And I hit 60 in WoW. So while there’s a voice in the back of my head (sounding suspiciously like my mother’s) which worries what the neighbors think of all that brush, there’s another, larger part of me that wants to put a sign on it that reads, Yeah, I’m a slob, but my life is awesome.