So it’s 4:26pm, and I don’t have much to do at the moment. I don’t have it in me to be creative, despite desperately needing to write an update for PAGP – I’m two sessions behind. My excuse is that I need (again) to have Pants Wilder tell me a particularly cryptic thing we were told two sessions ago so that I can record it accurately. The truth, however, is that at the moment it just seems like a lot of effort to produce something original when I can, instead, merely consume the work of others.

So here I am.

I’ve already read apostropher and The Poor Man and checked fafblog and run through the Technology section of and I even slipped and let myself read 8-Bit Theatre hours before my normal late-evening comics whirlwind I use to round out the day. My days are usually quite busy – slap full of things to do, frankly, and I am A-OK with that – and so I generally try to squeeze all my browsing and whatnots into one highly amusing twenty minutes or so at the end of the shift.

But, not today.

And what do I realize? That I need more to read. Not poliblogs, because my belly aches with hate as it is and I just don’t need something new to worry about. I want fluff. I want comics. I want another Fark – not as a replacement, just more of it. I want my DS, which is out in the car awaiting my dinner break.

So what should I be reading? Comics and amusing blogs of a non-political nature that you read are most welcome. Comments will be turned on for this post as they usually are – on the last one, I just didn’t want to put people in the position of feeling like they were expected to say anything, or anything like that, so I turned off comments for that one post. I was (am?) feeling emotionally fragile enough as it was; weird-ass latent guilt over foisting my mourning onto others via the interwebs didn’t need to get added into the mix.

At any rate, recommend something to me. Something hilarious! I like hilarity.

Or, talk about Battlestar Galactica. Gods, yes, talk about BSG. I’m already in two online conversations about it and they are not enough.