I’ve been with WordPress for a few days now, and I’m never going back to Pivot. I confess to being tempted to try Lyceum, because it’s from my peeps at ibiblio, but I only went to WP because of the conversion script and I don’t think I can handle trying anything else for a while.

I’d originally been concerned that I’d never figure out how to edit the template in WordPress, but Katastrophes spent a few incredibly helpful minutes with me on Saturday at Bascha & Kath‘s casual and very fun holiday shindig and, all of a sudden, I got how to deal with a stylesheet (and, in fact, what a stylesheet is). I’m not as big a fan of the administrative interface, in some ways, but it’s not like it’s hard to use, it’s just difference and I am the sort that fears change. Otherwise, it is better in every way.

Mr. Saturday, you want WordPress. You want it real bad.

Abruptly segueing, I’d like to point you right at KJ‘s pictures of Santapocalypse (aka Santanarchy, aka SantaRampage) in Nashville. Lots of Santas at a lot of bars having a lot of drinks. That is just golden.