That’s what I dubbed myself last night when I managed to land a copy of a videogame my youngest nephew requested. The game itself is in the neighborhood of being seven or eight years old, for a console no longer made. My sister had gone into the Gamestop in Asheville and asked for a copy of Golden Eye 007 for the N64 only to have the guy behind the counter wrinkle up his brow and say to her (no, really), “Lady, you do know that’s a dinosaur, don’t you?”

Well, fuck the guy at Gamestop, my sister decided, and she called me. Ten minutes later – ten minutes – I had a copy of Golden Eye 007 for N64 in my hot little hands.

“I know a place,” I told her. The place is, in fact, yet another Gamestop – the one in Oak Creek Village on 15-501, which was once upon a time a FuncoLand and always seems to have the used game I’m looking for on the occasions when I’m searching for a particular used game. I did ask why my nephew happened to ask for (or even know the existence of) that particular title, however. It turns out my brother-in-law has a copy and my nephew loves it.

“It’s the forerunner of all modern FPSes in a lot of ways,” Pants Wilder said of it. My sister just cares that I have it.

I tried to finish my shopping yesterday, but I still have a couple of items left to get. I hate that feeling, and long for when I can say I am done. On the other hand, I enjoy being out in the crowds right before the holidays, with everyone frantic and hurried. I hate people, but I love to shop, love the helter-skelter crowds going crazy. I intentionally went to a major shopping mall the day after Thanksgiving because I take a sort of perverse pleasure in being nice to people when they’re all so frazzled and so eager for a reason to lash out.

I am having difficulty hammering out what to do about the zombie story I want to write. On the one hand, I have this idea that’s really complicated. On the other, I have the extraordinarily basic idea sketched out in my dream, almost desolate in its simplicity. The two really don’t go together very well, but I like both of them. So, I guess I’ll do them separately. We’ll see. I just want to do some writing in January rather than do what I’ve always done after NaNo which is throw it all aside and breathe a huge sigh of relief and try like mad to do anything but write afterwards.