Well, I’ve updated Pigs Are Good People. The theme I’m using there will change, yes, but that’s what’s up for right now. I’m tired. I’ve spent like four hours tonight playing with web things and I still haven’t figured out how to split the links on the right side of the page into distinct groups – they’re supposed to be organized by relationship to me (The Boyf, St. A’s, Friends and Stuff I Read), but they’re all just one big ol’ list of links. Ah well.

Speaking of web things, I have also installed Gallery2 and imported my current gallery into it. Take a look at each and tell me what you think – which is faster? Which looks better? Gallery2 displays a bunch of photography information by default – is it obnoxious? I’m not trying to seem pretentious, it’s just there and I don’t know how to make it go away and, hey, maybe it’s interesting to someone.