Quick reminder:  Carolina Rollergirls bout on December 4.  You know you want to go!

If you’re a gamer and you’re in a position to give, it’s time again to consider Child’s Play.  I made my donation a couple of weeks ago.  It is well worth it, and every penny goes directly to putting something entertaining and educational in the hands of a child whose Christmas probably otherwise sucks ass. 

The Boyf went out with Mr. Saturday, Pants Wilder and Andy to see GARMONBOZIA play again on the 17th, this time at Reservoir.  Reservoir used to be Go!, and when it was, it was a much better place to see a band.  That’s really all there is to it.  Reservoir has a better "feel" than Go! did, but Go! was a better place to hear a band perform live.  Largely, I think, this had to do with them having a stage.  But hey, it was still a great show, and this time I got some even better pictures.  I’m going to be putting them up over the holiday.

Saturday is my family’s self-selected Thanksgiving, because it doesn’t require anyone to cook and socialize and be up late and go to bed feeling stuffed and then get up for work the next morning.  So, I’m going to be spending Thursday & Friday working on NaNoWriMo and shopping and playing World of Warcraft and generally kicking back.  It will be awesome.

On that note, I’m well past 30K words.  Only 7 days left, I know, but with devoted effort tomorrow, Friday and Monday, I can wrap it up with no sweat.  The most recent PDF, if you’re insane enough to be reading it, isn’t actually the most up-to-date version, but hey.  I’ll post a new one after I get done with tomorrow’s 7K word goal. 

I considered doing some writing last night, since I got some done at work, but when I got home The Boyf suggested we polish off the rest of Clue, as it was burning space on the TiVo.  Gods, but I love that movie.  I loved it as a kid (the version that I saw in the theatre had the Miss Scarlett ending), and I hadn’t seen it in years.  At one point I said to The Boyf:  "I am a sucker for a running-around-in-a-clumsy-mob comedy," and gods but does Clue deliver on that front.  Plus, Tim Curry.  Purr.

I went ahead and bought my NaNo self-price this year:  an iPod.  I am a whore for shinies.  I am an absolute whore.  I also bought an FM adapter so that I can play it on my car stereo.  It will fortify me for doing the family dinner on Saturday, and it will usher me back to warmth and my cat and my boyfriend that same night. 

Speaking of WoW and music, for months now I’ve been lamenting that I couldn’t find an add-on that would let me control iTunes from within World of Warcraft.  Then, I found just such an add-on:  WoWPlayer.  Then, I found out Mac support got dropped at precisely the same time I started playing WoW.  Then, I found out that the way the add-on works is going to be rendered unusable by the 1.9 patch when it comes out, so it’s going to be gone from Windows, as well.  So, fuckbunnies.

I think this means someone in our group needs to learn to code in LUA.  And it isn’t me.  Trust me on that.  The last program I wrote was in MacTuring.  It was 1994.  It did basketball averages.  It was for an assignment, I assure you.  And it sucked.  I got a B on a program that was, like, twenty lines long.  I don’t have a programmer’s brain.  Ask me to figure out why Networks A, B and C can’t communicate freely with D through your firewall, but E can, despite none of those networks being explicitly mentioned in the rulebase – leaving me to dig into implied rules, SmartDefense and all sorts of fun under-the-hood goodies on a Checkpoint – and I’m your man.  I did this today, in fact, and left a customer literally whooping for joy after months of not being able to figure something out on their own.  But ask me to code my way out of a wet paper sack – open at both ends, a knife in one hand and a blowtorch in the other – and I would die of starvation in the damp center of said sack.  I’m just not cut out for that shit. Still, the engineer in me looks at the question of Can something in WoW monitor and control iTunes? and I think Of course it can, you dumb shit.  It’s not like it can possibly be that hard – I just don’t know the language in that foreign realm.  I’m left thinking that if I tried it – much like asking for the bathroom in Russian – I’d be just as likely to end up pissing my pants on a street corner and calling it success as I would finding the bathroom.

No, I did not piss my pants on a street corner in Russia.  It’s just a random example.  I was very nearly slaughtered by the ninjas of the mind in St. Petersburg, though.

Long story.