I recently retook a test I underwent a couple of years ago.  Namely, what D&D alignment/race/classes/Faerun religion are you?  The result is that I am, according to them, a Neutral Evil Human Bard/Mage who worships Cyric.  Honestly, I can’t imagine what gave them this impression.  Mr. Pink Eyes summed up my position nicely:  that the most reasonable solution to a fight is not to do battle arrayed in raiments of light but to sit down over a nice, hot cup of poison^H^H^Htea and work out our disagreements like gentlemen.  As I said to him in reply, I think it only fair to give someone a Fortitude save before measuring them for a shallow, anonymous grave just out of sight of the main road^H^H^Hpine box^H^H^Hagreeing to disagree.  (Heavens, I do believe I failed to correct that last error in my email to him.)

Wizards of the Coast, however, have a much more, er, accurate quiz to use to determine one’s alignmentThis one says I’m Chaotic Good.

As I said to Mr. Pink Eyes, it should be obvious which of these test’s makers deserve to be boiled alive for my entertainment and which are, clearly, the wiser beings.