So, we went to see GARMONBOZIA (pictures) perform at Local 506
last night.  GARMONBOZIA is an ensemble group made up of members
of a variety of other bands.  As their name might suggest to fans
of quality television, they played music from Twin Peaks.

Holy gods, they were amazing.

Now, if you know me at all, you know I am a huge Twin Peaks nerd.  I reach out for the word “nerd” in this context (as in many others) and pull it close that I might embrace it.  I’m in the middle of my – what did I figure, my seventh?  eighth? – viewing of the show with friends (Katastrophes, Mr. Pink Eyes, Mr. Saturday and The Boyf being among them).  I love this show, and anyone who loves the show must surely also love its music.

Thus, with my attitude towards Twin Peaks firmly established, it
would be easy to believe that they could have been kind of shite and
I’d still have loved it.  I will admit this much.  They could
have been kind of bad and I still would have said it was a fun time.

The thing is, they were good.  They were really good.  They had practiced, they knew their stuff, they had sound-bite exits & intros to the songs. 

They were in costume.

The woman who sang lead on “Into the Night,” “Falling,” and “Laura’s
Theme” was dressed as Homecoming Queen Portrait Laura.  She had a
frame she held in front of herself as she sang.

The guy who played keyboards, stand-up bass and sang lead on “A Real Indication” was dressed as Gordon Cole.

Wyndham Earle played bass guitar.  Wyndham Earle played bass guitar.

They opened with some really great arrangements of the classics –
opening theme, the song Audrey plays in the diner early in the show
(“Don’t you just love this song?  It’s the dreamiest…” – Andy,
Angel and I broke into the Audrey Dance when they started playing
it).  Later they really busted it wide open with some Julee Cruise
numbers and “A Real Indication,” which was unbelievably expertly pulled
off.  This wasn’t just some band performing the song.  This
was a band that had seriously put some effort into staying true to the
music of the show & movie and still putting their own creativity
into it.

Halfway through it I thought I was going to have a religious experience.

2nd to last, of course, they just threw it all open.  The band
just rocked out on some Black Lodge action, strobe lights going, the
sound clip of Laura screaming over the top of the band while they were
just tearing the universe a new one. 

At that point, I think I did have a religious experience.

After, I was stunned.  I was just shocked at how good it was, how
unbelievable of an experience it was.  I had quietly suspected
they were going to be folks who’d kind of thrown it together as a
gimmick, otherwise talented, of course, but doing this on a kind of a
lark, but it was really, really good.  That’s what I kept going
back to, as I yammered about it afterwards:  it wasn’t just fun
for being Twin Peaks, it was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen
I was so dazed by the intensity of the experience – a little part of my
very favorite fiction had come to life in front of me – that all I
could do was sit down.

Fabulous. (more…)