Sunday night was the 1st bout of the 2nd season of Carolina Rollergirls. The Debutante Brawlers won a very, very heated
game vs. the Trauma Queens. I was going to take my camera &
tripod, but bailed on them at the last minute in favor of simply
enjoying the spectacle. There were some new elements this season
(a demonstration of the rules at the beginning, and the Wheel of
Misfortune between halves). If you’ve never been to a Carolina
Rollergirls bout, you really do need to go and see it for yourself.

The big differences this season are that things seem to go so much more
smoothly, both on and off the rink. Scoring is faster, the
announcing is speedier and the game… well, the game is like a
different game altogether. Now, I want to preface what I’m about
to say by making it clear that the women of Carolina Rollergirls were very good
at what they do last season. Truly, every game I’ve seen has been
exciting and fun and way the hell better than any other game of
anything I’ve witnessed first-hand.

That said, if you call last season good, then Sunday was simply phenomenal.
All anyone could talk about after was how much more intense it was on
Sunday than any game last season – perhaps more intense than the
championship bout. As I said to The Boyf, last year was best
described as watching the teams play a game. On Sunday, we
watched them play a sport. There were examples of
coordination and cooperation, offense and defense that just blew the
doors off what I’d seen before. Busty O’Lipp getting up in a
jammer’s face to keep them back, Julie Jawbreaker knocking people clear
out of the rink, Zella Lugosi whipping around the track on what I later
learned was only her 2nd time jamming, ever, and it was simply a whole different game. Both teams
are good, and both teams sport really amazing players. The lead
was never wide, and it flipped back and forth between the two teams for
most of the match.

Part of the difference, I think, is that I’ve seen enough to have a
better grasp of how to watch the game. I simply better understand
what’s going on most of the time. I can’t calculate the score on
my own, but I have a much easier time understanding who’s winning and
why. My own increased vocabulary for the game, though, is just a
tiny fraction of a fraction of what makes the difference. What
makes the difference is that all the returning players are even better
than they were before and the new players are sweating hard, as
well. It’s just a different experience altogether. Like I
said, they were good last season. This season, they’re better.