Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

So, I’m sticking with Pivot.  I like the new release candidate for
1.30, and Pivot-Blacklist is fixed and updating, and referrer
spam-blocking seems to be working, and all in all I am happy.  I
have finally, finally gotten Permalinks and Archive Links to show up at
the bottom of entries rather than at the top.  This pleases me

I like WP, but it just seems really complicated in a lot of ways and
Pivot’s various down-sides, though surely real, are ones to which I
have grown accustomed.

I just know you’re all fascinated. (more…)

Just a few quick notes, as I continue to dither over whether to switch from Pivot to WordPress
Basically I don’t like the WP interface as much as Pivot’s, but WP has
built-in anti-spam measures and doesn’t occasionally claim to have lost
its entire config (something I figured out, eventually, could be fixed
with the “back” button and a touch of patience, but it’s still a pain
in the neck), but so far I have no data to use to tell whether its
anti-spam measures actually work.  Apparently it hasn’t made it into the spambot spiders yet.  Yay/bah on that one.  Other considerations:

  • I already know, sort of, how to customize the appearance of Pivot.  With WordPress, it’s yet another beast to master.
  • None of the 3rd party anti-spam plugins for WordPress seem to work with my host’s screwy SQL setup.
  • I know absolutely zero about SQL in the first place, and WP
    requires it.  I’ve gotten the basic install set up and done, and
    Pivot archives imported, but still – I fear the SQL.  I fear it.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft of late, thanks to Katastrophes and Mr. Pink Eyes
having handed me a 10-day guest pass.  Steve P. is on there, too,
and the four of us have done some grouping and some making of things
for one another.  We have traded many a geegaw and crafted item,
from potions to shoulder pads.  I have to say, it is pretty
awesome.  It is a stunningly beautiful game, even though when I
run around in Bear Form (I’m a druid) I’m just staring up my own ass
the whole time.

Speaking of WoW, my only complaint is that the chat interface is so
ridiculously clumsy, or at least it seems to be the way I use it. 
That I cannot both run and talk at the same time goes a long way
towards shattering the illusion of immersion in the game world. 
Katastrophes and Mr. Pink Eyes and I have discussed the need for a
voice solution, but given our mixed platforms I’ve yet to come up with
anything.  TeamSpeak and Roger Wilco, the two which leap immediately to mind, are both Windows solutions.  Skype
is cross-platform, and their site claims they support “conference
calling,” but I haven’t read enough about it to know whether this is
also a free feature and it’s limited to 4-party calls.  Should we
successfully draw Pants Wilder down the well of nightmares with us,
that would put a major cramp in our style.  Yargh!  If there
is an easy solution, it is not one of which I am aware.  If anyone
out there in the interwebs has a solution, I would be most appreciative
if you dropped me a line (the link below or, alternately,
robustmcmanlypants (at) nc (dot) rr (dot) com).

And speaking of Katastrophes and Mr. Pink Eyes, on Monday I received my
birthday present from them (very early, but very appreciated):  Baby’s First Mythos.  Oh.  My.  GodsElder ones, even.  It is hilarious,
even down to the author & illustrator biographies.  It’s done
by a father-daughter team, which I think is unbelievably cool, and it
is awesome.  Great artwork and great text.  The
typical children’s book lyrical style is frequently subverted by lines
that just refuse to conform to any meter.  Naturally.  And, it comes with a warning to the reader at the end of the book, when it’s too late, when all hope is already lost.  It’s beautiful.  I cannot thank them enough.

And, in other, unrelated news, KJ sent me a link to an extremely amusing blog:  Co-Workers for Pele
No, not Katastrophes’ character in D&D, but another lady
entirely.  She relates the trials and tribulations of her
office.  Her blog is subtitled:  “thoroughly entertaining
stories illustrating why I would like to unceremoniously toss each of
my co-workers into a volcano.”  Stripping her co-workers and
company of their real names and identifying them instead by whatever
nickname best describes them, she makes them into charicatures anyone
can apply to their own work setting.  She has a co-worker she
calls RotoRooter who constantly talks about his and his wife’s
colonoscopies, for example.  Everyone has had that co-worker, at
some point or another, who thinks everyone around them really wishes
they were home watching an educational program about obscure surgeries,
haven’t they?  Gods, three weeks ago, I was the one doing that to people.  At any rate, I like it.

I like it very much. (more…)